Newborn Essentials-A Guide from a GAGA Mommy

I remember the day when my husband and I found out about the baby’s gender. I know how happy and thrilled he was that we were having a boy coz’ that’s what we really wanted, a big brother who will take care of his little siblings.  Little did he know that as soon as the doctor confirmed, well… my brain was going crazy imagining where to buy the onesies, how many pairs of cute little mittens should I get, what type of fabric should I get for my blankets.. imagine my excitement, i know a lot of moms can relate to me, right? First-time moms especially get overwhelmed by this, the good thing is there are websites,  articles, books, and readily available resources for our convenience. These are some of the most visited sites on my laptop up to this date - (,,  Life is so much easier for parents. But, I just want to tell you that based on my experience, these essentials are based on one’s lifestyle, baby’s needs, and of course, budget. Baby bouncers, for example, some moms swear by this but personally, I can only keep him in it for less than 5 mins. I work full-time from home. Yes, I know how lucky I am to have a paying job and look after my child at the same time. (Ok, I’ll talk about these perks on another blog). I am not sure if I belong to the busy-career-moms out there, but one thing I am sure about is I am equally or maybe more than stressed and tired like they are. My husband has a full-time job so we are actually lucky that both of us earn and provide for our little family. Anyway, I thought I’d put together a roundup of what items have been essential for us. 

  • Newborn/Breastfeeding Pillow - I use this mainly when I am breastfeeding but this also comes in handy in between feeding, when the little one is in the good mood, We also let him nap in it (under close supervision, of course).
  • Diaper (if you’re not going to use cloth-type diapers)
  • Car seat - Do I still need to explain how important this is?? :)
  • Stroller - This is something that you can use until the toddler stage. There are some that are only for newborns. My husband and I decided to get the ones that we can use until my baby can actually walk.
  • Healthcare and Grooming Kit - These fall under the basic needs and he will use them until he needs them.
  • Layette Set (Sleeve onesies, long sleeve onesies, swaddle blankets, socks, mittens, sweater/jacket, hat, Towel) - These are basically what you’ll use in the first few weeks of your baby. A must!
  • Bottles and Sterilizer  (if you’re planning to give formula or mix feeding) - Make sure that everything is all cleaned up and sterilized. 
  • Baby wrap - I can swear by this. Newborns want to be kept warm and snuggled. This will be your best friend especially if you’re doing errands or just going out for a stroll. 
  • The most important: MOM’s Snacks. You won’t believe how that little one can take so much time.. Trust me, you need this. 

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